‘Searching for words’ is my motto, woven into my work and my life. Sometimes it is working hard and intensly, sometimes the words just pop up and lay in my reach. Then I try to catch them, and share with people around me. When I am ready to throw them in public space, you can read them here, those words, or elsewhere.

Up till now most of my writings where in Dutch/Flemish my mother tongue.

But… then there was the international audience, using Google translate to understand my writings. Which is nice and flattering, but, I prefer to share my own interpretation of the English language. On top of that, I like to share more content in the future.

Connection” is my English bloghtext, a tribute to my SCI friends from all over the world.


Marieke Genard works as founder-coordinator in Werk met Zin, a cooperation of 25 coaches and trainers working all over the Flemish region in Belgium.

During her studies of Slavonic Languages & Cultures in the early 90’ies, Marieke supported the development of new youth organizations in Central & Eastern Europe just after the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Organizational development connected with individual growth has been the thread in her work. She combines field research and entrepreneurship with her coaching practices.

Since 2004 she learned the craft as a career coach for individuals. Stories have been a part of her life since her childhood. Storytelling as a method entered her coaching work after getting to know Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in 2010. She became an accredited AI-practitioner. From then on, she coached over 500 clients finding her with different questions and needs.

More recently, she dove deeper into narrative ideas and practices through an apprentice journey with Chené Swart called Re-authoring the world. She works with the approach both in teams and organizations as well as in her own cooperation.

This Bio is written in the framework of the soon to be published book “Transforming Organisations” , a collection of articles on the narrative approach. I am proud to be part of this exquisit bunch of storytellers from the network ‘Beyond Storytelling

[1] ‘Werk met Zin’ has two meanings in the Dutch language: ‘make sense of work’ as well as ‘enjoy working’.

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